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Sittol Architects


Sittol Architects is a full service architectural, interior design and urban design firm, located in Kingston, Jamaica.


UI Design


Sittol Architects (SA) contacted me to design a simple yet functional website so it would be easy to showcase their professional expertise and experience in architectural, interior and urban design to future customers. My goal was to create a site with a strong focus on the visual image that would allow Sittol Architects to exhibit their architectural art.

Before jumping into the project, I carried out thorough research to ensure that the Sittol Architects website fully complements their company. I analyzed how similar architectural design companies approach their information architecture, portfolio layout, and overall design decisions.

The SA team provided the branding and visual imagery, where I immediately proceed to the wireframing process, where I crafted the page structure and produced clean information architecture. 

After designing the landing page, the next phase was to take care of their portfolio to showcase the projects they delivered. Each case includes high-quality images of the products Sittol Architects worked on with a brief description of the project and various technical details.

Pulling together branding, research, business needs, and insights from working through the wireframes, we landed on a design that focused on visual images producing an exciting impression on everyone who interacts with it.

Sittol Architects Design
Client:Ravi SittolYear:2021