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Reggaefy is Jamaica’s first and only multi-vendor social shopping platform that allows artists to create a storefront, showcase their merchandize while providing authentic social media content that attracts users to explore their products.


Strategy and Planning
UI Design
Art Direction
Creative Development

Reggaefy was created by Steve Billings, CEO of Suncity Radio and his brother Lydon Billings, a tech enthusiast . Their mission is to help the Jamaica artists further monetize their brands through the sale of various merchandize and products.

The app is an online marketplace where artists can sign up and sell new merch. The concept pitch was similar to that of Instagram, where sellers will create their storefront profiles and list their products while buyers may visit the store profile to browse all the products. Buyers can follow sellers, so they can be updated on any new products being listed in the shop.

Throughout the project, we had weekly meetings where I offered various options for the design and got feedback from the client.

One of the first challenges was to establish the basis of the Reggaefy identity. Before beginning the project, Reggaefy had already their logo created, so I was tasked with building the visual identity. Red, gold and green were the primary colours of the logo and that drove the look and feel used for both mobile and web apps. The dark theme with contrasting colours from logo would catch the attention immediately of the users, while fonts would be readable to accentuate the stylish character of the platform.

After determining the primary colour scheme and visual identity, the mobile app design was first which further seamlessly transition into the web app version. Given that the app needed to be functionally strong, I started with user flows to ensure the app would serve its purpose without any obstacles. Wireframes were then created, allowing the client to see the basic UI elements and structure of the app. After everything was approved, prototypes were designed.

Reggaefy aims to revolutionize the Jamaican music industry and aid artists to further generate monies from the sale of mechanise while gaining new fans. The interface is visually appealing and user-friendly that captures the overall message of Reggaefy, making it uniquely stand out in a myriad of social shopping platforms.

Reggaefy UI Design
Client:Lydon & Steve BillingsYear2022

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