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Alpha Pro


Alpha Pro is an intuitive easy-to-use app that allows individual serviceproviders, freelancers and gig workers to take control of their business. You can schedule appointments, send invoices, accept payment, track sales & expenses, manage clients and more.


UI Design
Art Direction
Creative Development


The Alpha Pro team requested a modern and creative mobile-first landing page that needed to be well-structured to bring more engagement and activity to the app.

First and most importantly, we had to define the user stories. Right now, there are two of them: for individual service providers and for clients. The provider can manage their client relationships, automate appointments, receive payments and manage expenses. The client can manage all their service providers, book appointments and directly communicate with your service provider.

I had a series of meetings with the client, where all details were discussed. At the end, we decided to do two separate landing pages, one for service providers and the other for Alpha Pro clients. The client provided the Sketch designs for the app, so I had to design the landing page according to the Alpha Pro style guidelines to maintain consistency across all channels of communication.

Initial wireframe for layout

The content of the website was quite heavy, so when working on typography, bold heading were used for the primary information, including feature highlights, and more neutral yet readable colors for the secondary data.


Ultimately, I provided Alpha Pro with an excellent web and mobile landing pages that aid them streamline their service providers and clients, resulting in higher engagements and more users downloading the app.

Alpha Pro UI Design
Client:Lydon BillingsYear:2022